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Brandon is an excellent Production partner for creative ideas. He brings expertise and work ethic, and is easy to work alongside.

Brandon is by far one of the best producers we've had the pleasure of working with. His attention to the details and vision really compliments and adds to any sound you have. If you want quality and a real professional working on your album, Brandon S. Hire is by far one of the best!

Bo Corbin

We couldn't have asked for anything better. Brandon not only brings the professionalism of knowing his gear and how to produce the best sounds but also the pure artistry of making a feeling come alive! I would recommend him to any artist trying to do the most with their sound.

“I have worked with Brandon on in studio, off site and long distance projects. His attention to detail is unmatched making his mixes and masters top qulaity. He delivers big name studio quality…Highly recommended for projects of any size."

Bill Roberts

"Brandon does an exceptional job of listening and understanding what you are trying to accomplish. He is masterful at pulling ideas from you and recording them they way you envisioned. I could never ask for anyone better or that i trust more to be in control"

Brandon has the mind of a musician and the ears of a producer. His experience and ideas were invaluable. By the end of the project, he felt like a member of the band.

Brandon listens to what you want and helps you deliver a final product that exceeds your expectations.

Creator, sonic architect, and visionary are just a few words that describes Brandon as a producer. I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with him over the years. His knowledge and experience has made him the go to guy in the world of music production.

Working with Brandon was quick and painless, we got exactly what we wanted for a great price and a really fast turnaround!

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