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I work with several partner studios around the country, which allows me to find the facility that will work within your budget while leaving you inspired and comfortable!
My passion is to deliver the best sounding record that fits your artistic vision! Sometimes that means just mixing, or just mastering, and I offer those services as well!
All costs will vary, depending on the complexity of the project. Contact me for information!

I partner you with the facility that will work within your budget while delivering a comfortable atmosphere and an inspiring vibe, and together we create your vision!


I can help you fix performance errors in your audio, tighten performances up to the grid, and fix other problems that arise!


The final stage in the production process, and one of the most vital! I'll make sure your album sounds the best it can anywhere your fans listen to it, while meeting "Mastered For iTunes" standards!


Looking for a mixer who can deliver radio ready mixes? Look no further! I'll make sure your music is ready for the world while ensuring that it accurately represents your artistic vision!


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