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Being Flexible is what I'm all about. That means I don't tie myself to one studio. I'm partnering with studios to allow me to find the right fit for the client and the project, but if you're comfortable recording at a certain place we can make that happen too!
Take a look at my partner studios, and check back often as this list is growing!

Columbus, OH

Located In Grandview, Ohio, Oranjudio has a vibe and feel that seems to encapsulate the essence of Columbus Ohio. A top notch facility run by very cool people, resulting in a very vibey place to make your record!

Located in Newark, Ohio, Deadman Studios is a fantastic place for those seeking a laid back vibe. This is the kind of place where one can just hang out all day and feel right at home. The no pressure atmosphere opens Deadman up to a wide variety of creative possibilities!

Columbus, OH

"Professional quality recording studio located approximately 15 minutes west of Columbus, Ohio."

Powell, OH

"Soul Blue Studios is a residential recording space located in northern Columbus, owned and operated by artist/engineer/producer D1.  The 2014 Ohio Hip-Hop Award winner takes pride in treating every aspect of the recording process with the utmost care and attention to detail.  With over 15 years of experience, D1 quickly became one of Ohio's most sought after engineers when he opened his studio to other artists in 2012"

"Gem City Studios is located in the mountains of Appalachia in the small, rural town of Jellico, TN.  Our studio resides less than one hour North of Knoxville, TN – 1.5 hours South of Lexington, KY – and 3.5 hours East of Nashville, TN. "

Evergreen, CO

"Evergroove Studio is an affordable, full-service audio recording studio in the mountains just west of Denver, Colorado. We have combined professionally designed rooms, high-quality recording equipment, and a love of all things audio to provide a creative and comfortable environment for all of your recording needs. Whether you need overdubs, drum tracks, a full album, or just a room to record in, Evergroove can help you meet your dreams and stay within your budget. Evergroove is one of the rare studios in Colorado offering rooms designed by a professional studio architect, a ProTools HD3 recording system, a wide variety of outboard gear and microphones, and a cozy, private retreat-like setting within one hour of Denver."

More to come

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Partner Studios

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